Google Play Store – APK

Version 21.2.12 is here. Our APK gives you the latest version of the Google Play Store.

With the “Google Play Store App” (formerly known as the Android Market), Google not only offers several million apps for Android devices to download, but also many other multimedia offers such as music, films, audio books and e-books.

If you have uninstalled the store, want to update to the latest version or have problems with the app, you can find the latest version of the Google Play Store as an APK for free download. This can also be helpful if you purchased your smartphone or tablet from abroad.

Google Play Store App APK: Download or buy apps and games for free

The Google Play Store is the central point of contact for all Android users to download or update apps and games on their smartphone or tablet. A Google account and an internet connection are required for use. With the practical search function you can search through all offered content. Alternatively, click through charts or individual categories.

In addition to apps and games, the Google Play Store offers a wide range of films and series for download. These can be borrowed for 30 days or bought permanently. The content can be streamed directly from the Google Play Store or downloaded to the device for offline use. Different video quality levels are offered (SD & HD)