The secret Code To Captain Chords. Yours, Without spending a dime… Actually

A large collection of tried-and-tested chord progressions helps write tunes, so developed MIDI tracks can be drawn into the DAW (officially Ableton Live, Logic and FL Studio are encouraged — more DAWs would be to follow) or vstcrack also control external gear like synthesizers or samplers.

If you work with the Mac, you receive four plug-ins: Captain Chords, Captain Melody, Captain Deep and Captain Play.

The price is the same for the two models but it’s 79 bucks.

Particular focus is paid to timing and rhythmic elements, with new presets and new features such as Swing and Strum. The latter ensures that the chords sound as though they were on the guitar.

Improvements have been made into the user interface and performance. A”How-To” guide is now able to be called directly in the plug-in.

When will the AI eventually return, which also takes away from us the annoying work together with the composition? By the way, good chord progressions may also be developed using the browser.